Where to Place AdSense Ads on Your Pages

Where to Place AdSense Ads on Your Pages

Publishers may well wonder where they should place AdSense
 ads on their pages for the best results. There’s a great deal of
speculation about AdSense ad placement in
webmaster circles, but not much hard data.

It is clear that ads placed above the fold—meaning in the top
 third of the page where they will be seen on any computer
 monitor without scrolling down—do better than
ads placed lower on a page.

The best performing AdSense ad format and position is
 Leaderboard also called a horizontal skyscraper close to the
 top of a page. The second-best format is one of the
several vertical skyscraper formats Skyscraper and Wide Skyscraper,
with the top ad very close to the top of the page, either along the
left or right side. If a vertical skyscraper is positioned along the
 right side of a page, then you need to take care to use a page
design with a total width of less than 800 pixels so the skyscraper
 along the righthand side will display without horizontal
 scrolling on all monitors.

Beyond this basic placement information, you might want to
consider whether it makes sense to put many ads on a single
page the Google limit is three ad units.
There’s something to be said for placing many ads on a page
the variety might produce good choices for more visitors.
 However, the “noise” of displaying many ads can detract from
your site and some publishers get better results with fewer ads.
The bottom line is that you should experiment with ad placement
 and the number of ads on your site. What works well for your
 site is not necessarily what works well for another site,
so there is no substitute for trial and error.

The Manage Ads page lets you modify ads you’ve already
 created.It’s a very nice feature that lets you change ads on
the fly without having to change the code in your web pages.
To change the settings for a specific ad, click the Edit Ad Settings link.

Using the Color Palettes page, you start with one of the built-in
 Google palettes. Next, you can modify each of the colored
 elements of the palette, either by specifying an RGB
hexadecimal color value or by choosing colors from a color picker.