AdSense for Domains- parked domains-Google’s directions

AdSense for Domains is a program for parked domains, meaning domains that are not
in active use. There are many reasons someone might want to park a domain, including
the intention of speculating in domain names and protecting existing related domain
names from falling into the hands of competitors.
In the AdSense for Domains program, you redirect the site to Google’s servers and
Google supplies content and advertising based on the domain name, the keywords you
supply, and the visual scheme you choose.
To get started with AdSense for Domains, from the AdSense Setup page, click AdSense
for Domains.
The next step is to follow Google’s directions to modify the DNS Domain Name Server
records at your domain registrar. This allows Google access to your parked site to add
the content.
If your domain registrar is not on this list, you’ll have to figure out how to make these
changes on your own. It’s not as daunting as it may sound, but it’s not possible at all
domain registrars—in which case your best option is to transfer the domain to a registrar  that  allows  you  to  modify  the  records  and  is  on  Google’s  list  with  detailed

Once you’ve modified the records, and Google has verified and approved your parked
domains included in the program, you can customize each domain.
To  change  the  settings  for  a  parked  domain,  select  the  domain  in  the  AdSense  for
Domains window. Then choose Edit from the Actions drop-down menu.