Google AdSense tips2

Google AdSense tips

Google AdSense tips for website

Getting traffic online this is the main fact.
he simplest ways in which you can drive traffic
 to your site immediately.

having good content is the single most important
determinant in where a site stands in search
 rankings and whether the site draws traffic.

A site that draws traffic is a potential money maker
Just remember the more things that you do on
the list below the better results you will
have with the traffic to your website. Hopefully
after you are done reading threw this article you can
get busy on the promotion of your website.

Here are the few best ways to get traffic to
 your landing pages:
- Forum Participation
Article Marketing
Social Bookmarking
Press Releases
Classified Ads
Viral Marketing
All of these forms of traffic combined can explode
 your sites traffic within days. When choosing the
proper sites in which you want to work with to create
 your traffic, make sure you choose the ones that
are highly ranked within Google. That way you can
easily get first page results for your website. I ama
firm believer of article marketing myself. You don't
necessarily have to use that form of traffic if
you don't want to but it will help you out in thelong
 run for creating many back links to your site.
Just always remember that consistency is always
 to best attitude to have when you have your own
business online. You have to stay devoted and on
 task when you are promoting your sites. Promotion is
the most important part about making money online.

Create Links - Getting links to your website
 from other websites will help generate more traffic and
improve your placement in search engines.
Find other websites on your same topic and
put a link to them on your site  maybe in a new
 Favorite Links page. Then ask those websites
to link back to you by signing their guestbook.

Tag your Site - Adding tags can increase the
 number of times your website shows up in search
results. To pick the right keywords, try putting
yourself in the shoes of your visitors and think what
they would search for if they wanted to find your site.

JavaScript - If you are using JavaScript code,
 it can certainly help you spice up your web site.
However, there are many scripts that your
 visitors may find irritating. Try to avoid
scripts such as mouse trailers, mouseover
sounds, mouseover pop up windows and
 mouseover redirects.

Keep it Simple - Make sure the design is simple
,clear and pleasing to the eyes.

AdSense gives anyone with a Web site the
 ability to place ads there from Google.
Google makes sure the ads relate in some
 way to the content on the Web page.
AdSense also gives you the option to add
a search box to your site. This enables
your visitors to perform a search and turn
 up search results that complement your
own content. In either case, if someone
clicks on one of the ads you display, you earn
a bit of revenue. You are paid either using
the cost-per-click or CPC model or the
cost-per-thousand-impressions or CPM model.

Sprinkling Keywords
Google indexes your page’s content in order
 to determine which ads need to be placed there.
 It’s to your advantage to attract AdSense ads
 that are directly relevant to your page topic.
The more relevant your ads are, the more likely
someone will click on one of them and earn
you some money.

Consider inviting your customers to generate
 some of your Web site’s new content.
‘‘My customers are often my greatest source of
creative input,’’ the owner of one online
 greeting card company told me. ‘They come
 up with great ideas and uses for my products.’
 Invite your customers for suggestions and
 comments about your site, and ask for ideas
about products and services they are looking
 for; they arelikelytocomeupwith plenty of
suggestions that never occurred to you on
your own.

The size and format of the ad you pick
 should complement your page layout:
 if you have a single column of content,
 you might choose the horizontal option.
 If your page is divided into several
narrow columns, the vertical format is
probably preferable. If you want ads to
 appear on multiple pages, you need to
 add the HTML code to each page separately.

Using AdSense for Search
In AdSense for search, you don’t display ads
 as such. You place a search box on your
Web page and allow people do conduct a
 search on Google without actually leaving
your site. The search results appear in their
 own box.

custom channel. This channel is a content
segment that you can use to track ad
performance. Some channels, like URL
 channels, can be used to track clicks on
 all the ads presented on a Web page or
 part of a Web site.A custom channel is
one that you set up with your own criteria,
and probably most useful once you have
 been advertising for a while and have many
kinds of ads on your site. You can track
ads that have borders versus no borders,
 ads that use red as an accent color versus
 blue, and other qualities.

keyword analysis, of course, is something you
 should do in any case if you are interested
in promoting a site. As a simple example,
if you were trying to find out how a site with
a directory of dentists fared in search rankings,
 you could enter the word dentistin Google search
and see where the site is returned in the results.

Ad units display ads directly on your pages,
where they are probably more likely to be
clicked than link units. Link units are, in some
 ways, one step removed; a link unit
presents links to ads rather than the ads themselves.
 But the advantage of the link unit is that it takes up
 almost no space and the ad pages can contain many ads.