where to place your google AdSense Ads on website

where to place your google AdSense Ads on website

When deciding where to place your
advertising, consider whether your
advertising hinders the usability of
 your blog pages

In-text ads:These are contextual ads
 that hyperlink words in your content
to ads. When you hover over those
 words, they pop up with an advertisement.
They tend to look unprofessional and
spammy, especially when a lot of words
 within a blog post are linked. Also,
 in-text ads sometimes apply links to
 words completely out of context.

Autoplaying ads:Avoid any advertising
that automatically plays videos
with sound or music. These types of ads
 interrupt the visitor from
exploring your site or reading your content.

 Intrusive ads:This type of ad can include
 anything from pop-overs and
pop-unders ads that display in a
new browser window underneath the
current browser window to those ads
 that sweep over your blog when
someone hovers over them.
Be wary of using ads that do this because
 they interfere with your content being
read. Most browsers have pop-up blockers
 so pop-up ads may not be displayed, anyway.

 Oddly placed ads within blog posts:Oftentimes,
 bloggers place text or banner ads within
their blog post. This is fine when done
well, but make sure that the size or the
 location of the ad doesn’t affect the
ability to actually read the post.A very large
 ad at the bottom of your post content
could separate your content too far from
 your comment section, making it less
easy for visitors to comment. Also, check your
text-based ads to ensure they don’t look
too much like the blog post. Otherwise,
 you might frustrate or confuse the reader..