Making Money by Hosting Advertising

Making Money by Hosting Advertising

CPC—cost per click—advertising is one
of the most common ways to make money by
accepting ads on your site. With CPC, an
 advertiser pays a fee when someone clicks its
link on your site, and you get a portion of
 that fee.Make website as seo friendly.
Tthere are some seo tips for blogging.
CPC ads are mostly although they
don’t have to be text-only. While CPC is
most commonly associated with advertising
using programs such as AdWords, the
concept of CPC is fundamental to both search
based AdWords and content hosted via
 programs such as Google AdSense.

The idea of making ads contextual—
that is, relevant to the content of the web page
near the ad—is closely bound with CPC
advertising. CPC ads that are contextual are
much more effective, and generate more
revenue for a site owner, than ads that are not
contextual. But it is worth bearing in mind
that you can have CPC ads that are not
contextual, and conversely, contextual ads
 that pay on some other basis than CPC.

Ad unit
A group of ads, often from one to six text-
only contextual ads, but sometimes only
presenting links to the actual ads. Typically,
 ad units are served off the site of the
advertising agency example, Google.
This is most often accomplished using
a script. You get the code on the agency website.

A click occurs when a site visitor to your
web page clicks on a link in an ad that
was served by an ad unit on your site.
 Not all clicks generate revenue.
The click is the basis for all CPC ad
programs and an extremely important metric.

Effective cost per thousand impressions -eCPM
eCPM is a way to compare revenue from
 different kinds of advertising. eCPM is
calculated by dividing the total earnings from
an ad by its impressions in thousands.
In other words, a nominal or theoretic
cost is calculated on a CPC ad as if it were
a CPM ad. You can use this calculation to
 compare CPC revenue with CPM revenue
to see which is a better deal, given your site
 content and traffic.

The basis of CPC advertising is having
 visitors to your website click the links presented
to them by ads. People are likely to notice
 ads, and click on ad links, only if the content
of the ad is relevant to their current interests.
 This leads to the notion of contextually
relevant advertising