Picking the Right Keywords

Keywords are really the cornerstone of any SEO program. Your keywords play a large part in determining
where in search rankings you’ll land, and they also mean the difference between a user’s finding
your page and not. So when you’re picking keywords, you want to be sure that you’ve selected
the right ones. The only problem is, how do you know what’s right and what’s not?

Selecting the right keywords for your site means the difference between being a nobody on the Web,
and being the first site that users click to when they perform a search. You’ll be looking at two types
of keywords. The first is brand keywords. These are keywords associated with your brand. It seems
pretty obvious that these keywords are important; however, many people don’t think they need to
pay attention to these keywords, because they’re already tied to the site. Not true. Brand keywords
are just as essential as the second type, generic keywords.

Generic keywords are all the other keywords that are not directly associated with your company
brand. So if your web site, TeenFashions.com, sells teen clothing, then keywords such as clothing,
tank tops, cargo pants, and bathing suits might be generic keywords that you could use on your site.