Optimize Your Site for Speed

Not everyone has high-speed Internet. Stay
away from (Flash) splash screens. Compress your media files for faster page loading.
Use media files only when you need to. Also make sure to describe your graphics,
videos, and sound files. For sound and video content, provide text transcripts. Make
use of thumbnails for large images. Use web server compression for your HTML web
server transmissions to speed up transmission for all your clients, including search
engine web spiders.

Design for Usability
Before endorsing a specific design, create several alternatives. You can conduct surveys
and usability tests with specific demographics. By utilizing the results of these surveys
and tests, you can make educated selections, thereby minimizing the potential risk of
turning off your existing clients.
You can also use the pilot approach. If you have an existing site, you can select a pool
of individuals to test your new designs before making everyone else switch to the new
design. This method should provide you with the ability to make corrections along the
way, while fine-tuning your design choices.

Domain names can appear in many places
Including your emails, business cards, company letterhead, company newsletters, press
releases, and various other marketing materials. A great domain name is a catalyst for
reduced marketing costs. A domain name that is easy to remember will also give you
additional benefits, as it will be easy for people to propagate the name by word of