Domain Name Keywords

If your domain name contains an exact (or partial) match to a search query, chances
are it will show up on the first page of the SERPs—at least on Google. Google gives
keyword matching domains preferential treatment.
The exception to this rule is for competitive keywords. However, the chances of acquiring
a popular keyword domain are minimal, as most, if not all, dictionary words
are taken, in addition to the most popular two- or three-keyword phrase combinations.
This has led to the recent popularity of nonsense words as business names.
For niche keywords, you already won half the battle when you purchased your domain
name. Add an index page with related keywords, and you’ll be on the first page of
Google’s search results in a relatively short period of time.
You can use the following sample formats when creating your domain name:
Note that the guidelines for subdomains are the same as for domains. The benefits of
subdomains are multifold, but subdomains can also be viewed as search engine spam
if you create too many of them. With subdomains, you can pick any name you like, as
you are in control of the domain record.