Html Email Links

An email link is just like a standard link, except that, instead of sending you to another page,
 the link opens the associated email application so you can email the individual directly.
Email links are especially useful for contact emails for individuals,
staff members on a company site, and customer service and support feedback.

Email links use the mailto: attribute along with the HRef attribute and the recipient's
email address to accomplish this function .

 The mailto: attribute to create an email link

<a href="">email me</a>

If you'd like to make your link a little more user-friendly, you can also add a subject line
by following the email address with a question mark (?) and the subject attribute and value .

<a href=" with our technician">email</a>

You'll want to consider accessibility features for your links as well, especially the title
 attribute and a description, and tabindex if the sequential order of links on a given page is
particularly important to your site visitors.

<a href=" our technician" title="email regarding Connect"
 tabindex="3">email molly</a>