Right sense SEO practices

     know Google Sitemaps and make sure to update them regularly

    Use keywords in the title of the page

    Add proper HTML - <strong> instead of <b>.

    Don't add important text-based sections in Flash .

    Don't add JavaScript for redirection - Google's crawlers  just skip it.

   Google and yahoo both have very nice helpful information.

   Know the utilize your robots.txt and meta robots tags.

   Remove all broken links of the website.
   Content to be found by people and easy to read.

   Add Google Analytics code - its   helping you to sort of thing.

   Add seo-friendly urls for dynamic items.

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  good seo practices first of all a seo company do all the technical analysis for
  the website like index pages, back links, site maps and webmaster setup.  

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 Seo practices: the good and the bad the right amount of seo will follow best practices
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 Unethical seo practices to avoid seo and traffic tips and advice on-page seo best practices
use <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags where it makes sense, off-page seo best practices 1 produce
 good quality content.

Good and bad seo practices for e-commerce opti matrix  and that s the idea behind seo practices
 search engine optimization is the practice proper grammar and spelling will give visitors a
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