Marketing on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter

The largest social media site—Facebook. As you know, this
popular social network is a community with more than 500 million users.
Ignore Facebook at your peril.
There are many ways to market your company and products on Facebook.
We’ll examine the most popular methods here—hosting a Facebook fan
page, creating a Facebook application, and cross-marketing Facebook via
your own website or blog. First up is your Facebook page.

Facebook Pages
Individuals on Facebook are represented by their profile pages; other
 users become friends with a person
 to receive his or her status updates.
Businesses, however, aren’t individuals
 and as such don’t have individual
profile pages or friends. 

Instead, your business creates what Facebook simply calls a
pageor what I call a fan page, and you get people to "like" your
 page to become fans. Your fans can read all about you on your fan page,
contribute to hosted discussions, and receive all the status updates you make.

Creating a Facebook page is relatively easy. You start by going to and then clicking the Create Page button.
 When the Create a Page screen appears, select the category for your page:
 Local Business; Brand, Product, or Organization; or Artist, Band, or
 Public Figure.

The first thing you should do is invite people to visit and like your page. You
want to find friends on the Facebook site and then suggest your new page to
your friends. There’s a Suggest to Friends link in the sidebar of your page; use
this to send invitations to these folks.