top 8 google tools-for every one

  • Google Documents -- Share and edit documents with 
    others in real time, view them on the run with Google Docs
     mobile service, and use Google Notebook for web research
  • Google Spreadsheets -- Add real-time data to spreadsheets, 
    and generate charts and tables you can embed in web pages
  • Google Presentations -- View them on a mobile phone and
     save them as video
  • Gmail -- Send email to and from a mobile phone, 
    adjust Gmail's layout with a style sheet, and a lot more
  • iGoogle -- Create your own gadgets, program a
     screenscraper, add Flash games, and more.
  • Google Calendar -- Add web content events, public 
    calendars, and your Outlook Calendar to this application
  • Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Earth, and 
    Google SketchUp: the new 3D modeling software tool
  • Picasa, YouTube, and Google Video -- discover new 
    ways to customize and use these media management apps