How ta Starting a Blog-Make Your Blog Work For You

Making money and driving traffic to your blog

To begin, you will create a new Blogger blog;
review and navigate the Dashboard;
 and learn how to create, edit, delete,
and schedule posts. Posts are the
substance of a blog and should be regularly
published, not only to keep your readers
 interestedin following your blog but to
help improve your online ranking.
 Use labels to categorize blog content with adsence
 and allow visitors to quickly find
 what they are looking for.

A Google Search Box can also be added
 to assist visitors in searching your site.
Once your blog is setup, add a personal
 touch by adding a theme, adjusting fonts and colors, and
adding desired gadgets sidebar items,
 as well as learn how to install a custom banner adsense for mobile.

You may customize your blog’s settings Ads placement, such
 as inputting your e-mail address to review comments,
modifying the Blog Description, adding HTML
to put your signature at the end of each new post, or
setting up a custom domain.

It is important to design your blog with your
 audience and purpose in mind, and then incorporate
that into the blog layout, color scheme, and overall functionality.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to make money
with your blog. One of the most popular methods is
by using Google AdSense. Blogger has a
“Monetize” area of the Dashboard specifically to work with
Google AdSense. Many bloggers also add affiliate
 links to their sidebars where you can make money
from referring others to a service or product you
personally use, like, and recommend.

When you insert images into your Blogger
 blog, they are automatically stored to a
Picasa Web Album.

You may also create and link to additional
 albums. However, when adding an image
 to separate your blog posts, a custom
 banner or background, you may not
 want them added to your gallery and included
with other graphics posted to your blog.
 Instead, we’ll review how to use
Google Sites to store, manage,
and use images.

Creating a Blog

The first step in creating a blog is to create a name.
 Although Blogger allows you to change your blog’s
address once it is setup, it is important to take time
to think about a name before getting started. The
name of your blog should be related to the purpose
 of your blog, whether it’s a personal blog about
yourself in general, goals you have accomplished,
a journey you are on, or a professional blog about a
service or product you provide. If you were blogging
about yourself, you may use your name as the blog
name and therefore part of your blog address.
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