Google AdSense-Enabling earn revenue

Google AdSense

You might be saying to yourself , this is truly
 fascinating stuff, but where does AdSense fit in to all this?”
 Wonder no longer. AdSense in its infinite
wisdom, is working on software that would place
AdSense ads directly into the RSS feeds that are
 pushed out to subscribers. The idea here is that even
though you have content that’s pushed out to readers,
 you can still monetize that content with ads.

 This is an especially valuable concept for Web site
owners out there who provide complete content in feeds.
Often, a Web site or blog owner will only syndicate a
small portion of his content, specifically because doing
 so forces the readers to come to the Web site
to finish reading the content, which increases the chances
 that those readers will click any ads that are shown
 on the site. Pushing your ads out with your
content gives you one more opportunity to get ads
 in front of readers.

Create dynamiccontent — content that changes frequently.
Have that content pushed out to your readers.

Place ads within the content that remain intact,
 even if the reader doesn’t visit your Web site.

It’s a grand idea, but the program is still in
 beta testing. And the beta testing is closed
 to new users — at least for a little while longer.
 So, even though the AdSense Web site advertises
 AdSense for RSS, you can’t access it.

Creating an account in FeedBurner is easy enough. All you have to do is
1.  Point your Web browser to
 Feedburner’s home page loads on your computer screen.
2.  Click the Register link in the upper-right corner of the page.
 The Create an Account page appears.
3.  Enter the requested information in the Create an Account page and
then click Sign In.
4.  Enter the URL of your blog, podcast, or news feed into the text field
and then click Next.
 A new page appears, giving you some information about your feed.
5.  Read through the information, and then if you want, you can change
the feed title or the feed address. When you’re ready, click Activate

Earning with Feed Ads

AdSense for Feeds doesn’t currently have a designation on the AdSense Web
site. In fact, if you’re not specifically searching for the topic, you won’t ever
find it. And it’s not just the information that’s hard to locate. Anything related
to your earnings or the performance of the ads is also non-existent.
At least for now, feed ads are tracked through AdSense for Content. I assume
that will change when the program is finally released for general consumption. At that time, it’s most likely that — like other AdSense programs — feed
ads will have their own sections.
Until then, assigning a channel that’s specific to your feed ads is the best way
to track them. Since the numbers for your ads will be lumped in with AdSense
for Content data, without a designated channel you’ll never know what’s
coming from your Web site or blog and what’s coming from your feed.

Google AdSense offers the same type of service. The difference is that
AdSense offers the ability to refer other programs or Web sites, rather than
just offer the products that you like. For example, I use the Firefox Web
browser, which is a personal preference, but I love it and think everyone who
tries it will love it too. I include an AdSense referral button for Firefox where
space allows on my Web sites.