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Understanding search engine optimization
Conquering keyword marketing
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Improving click-through-rates
Using metatags to improve search engine rankings

Advanced google adsense optimization is a lot like trying
 to catch the steam that you breathe on a cold
 winter day. You can see it. You know it exists,
 but there’s no way to actually contain and
quantify the steam. You can see the results
of SEO and you can figure out how best to
achieve it, but it’s still possible to do everything
 right and not achieve the ultimate goal —
landing the very first listing on a search engine
 results page, or SERP.

Web crawlers are programs that travel around
 the Internet examining and categorizing Web
pages by keyword. That’s how search engines,
 like Google, know to return your Web site when
 someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase.
The crawler has already had a look-see and has
placed your Web page into a category along with
 all the other sites on the Web that fit into that category.

After you put up a Web site, a search crawler
— a specialized software program
that examines Web sites and categorizes them
by keyword — finds your Web
site. Search crawlers are designed to crawl
every Web site within parameters
that are outlined by the search crawler’s designer.
 A designer could order a search crawler to,
 say, examine Web sites contained on a list drawn by the

While the crawler makes its way through
a site, it records the number of times a
keyword, a keyphrase, or a set of
keywords is used on the site.
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That’s just the short list. If you really put
some time into brainstorming the
SEO topic, you could come up with a
 couple hundred words.

Start with a list of 50–100 keywords.
You won’t use all the keywords,
but the list gives you a good point from
 which to narrow the words that
are most likely used to find your Web site.

Don’t use more than three words on a
single page.Also, only use three
words if they’re all contained within a phrase
 It’s better to use one word
or phrase per page on your Web site, but
each page can have a different word or phrase.
Avoid words that are overused.

Overused words are obvious search
terms, but they’re also the most
competitive terms and can cost a fortune
if you’re targeting them for advertisements.