Secrets of Search Engines-submitting link search engines

Secrets of Search Engines-submitting link search engines

search engines compile results from
 the other primary search engines.
website link  addition to vertical market,
industry-specific, and application directories
or search engines, include some essential generic
Yellow Pages and white pages

Maps and local directories, especially if
you have an office or brick-andmortar

General business, trade association, and
professional membership directories.

Directories for images, audio, video, and
 multimedia like Latest Indian art-gallery.

Blog, chat, message board, or social network

Public calendars and live event directories.

After you’ve achieved a good, search engine
 ranking, you don’t get to snooze.
First, another company is going to fight for
 that position. Second, things are
forever changing. Inbound links come and
go, and search engines tweak their
algorithms or buy another company’s technology.
 You need to be vigilant to maintain your ranking  
 that Search Engine Optimization Guide

If you change or add new pages to your site,
 submit one of those URLs to your four primary
 search engines. That triggers a re-spidering
of your site.

Better yet, send a new sitemap to Google
and Yahoo! or ensure that the RSS
feed for your sitemap is working.

Selecting the appropriate search terms for
 your ad is much like selecting keywords for
 SEO. You might find it helpful to use PPC ads
 for search terms on which you don’t appear
on the first page of search results.

Landing pages
Generally, you display the same primary URL
on all your ads for branding purposes. However,
the click on each ad should take users to a destination,
or landing page,on your site that is directly related
 to the ad. A good landing page fulfills the promise
 implicit in your ad, and its content and appearance
should be well structured to convert a browser
 to a buyer.