How to make Google AdSense Apps potential

How to make Google AdSense Apps potential

External linking
External linking — the links you use to connect your Web sites to other relevant sites
 on the Web — is also going to play a major role in the way that
your Web site is categorized by search engine crawlers. External linkslead
away from your page, and for this reason, many Web site designers think
it’s best to avoid external links on a page. Not true. In fact, if you don’t have
some element of external linking on your page, it becomes an obstacle in
both search rankings and in helping potential visitors find the information
they’re searching for.

AdSense for Contentdisplays linkedads — ads that contain links that
lead to the advertisers’ Web sites — in text or graphical formats on your
 AdSense for Searchdisplays a search box on your Web site that site
visitors can use to search for additional information if they don’t find
what they need on your pages.

AdSense for Search is a tough sell. Not because it’s not useful. Many people
like having the option of searching for what they need right from the page
they’re on. However, the fact that it takes two clicks before you get paid
turns a lot of folks off.

AdSense for Search ads are not the only AdSense ad type that requires two
clicks. Link units, which are a subset of AdSense for Content, also require
two clicks.

The infinite variety of AdSense ads

AdSense gives you dozens of different types of ads and ad formats to choose
from. Options include
Text ads
Image ads
Video ads
Link units
Referral buttons
Themed ads
Each of these categories includes 8 to 12 different sizes of ads, and then you
can further customize ads by choosing the referral partners— the folks whose
products or services you want to recommend to your Web site visitors — or
the colors of the ads. There are enough choices to keep you busy testing
different types of ads.

How To Set Up a Google Adsense Account and Receive Payment

Text ads
Text ads are the most popular type of AdSense ad. If you’ve seen a Web site
using AdSense, you’ve seen text ads. It gets a little confusing, though, when
you step back and try to determine exactly what kind of text ad would be
best for what space on your Web site.

Video ads
Video ads are one of the newest additions to the AdSense family. Technically,
though, the ad is notthe video. Yes, videos are streamed for advertising
partners that have YouTube accounts, but the actual ads are displayed in the
video player that’s embedded in your content, not in the video itself.

Making a link unit look like it belongs on your page is pretty simple. You
adjust the template colors of the ad to match the template colors of your
page. Then, when the link units are displayed on your page, they look like
links that are related to the content of the page.

Reading-friendly colors:Color can be your best friend or your worst
enemy online. The first thing to remember when dealing with Web site
colors is that colors display differently on-screen than they do on paper
and colors display slightly differently on different screens. So test your
colors in the real world— online rather than on paper. It wouldn’t hurt
to take a peek at your Web masterpiece from a few different computers.

Titles and headings:Because reading is much more of a chore online,
many people don’t completely read everything. Those who do read
everything skim a page first just to make sure it’ll be worth their time to
read through it. That means you need to catch your visitors’ attention as
quickly as possible.

Think of a link structure as the framework of links that you create on your
Web site. The framework includes internal links— those links that connect
your pages within your site — and external links,which lead visitors away
from your site. It also includes links that lead to your site from other pages.
Although it’s true that you have a little less control over how many other sites
link to your site, don’t underestimate the power of a little you scratch my back
and I’ll scratch yoursnegotiating. You can offer free articles to other Web sites
that include a link back to your site

Average click-through-rate (CTR):The CTRis the actual number
of visitors who click through an ad on your Web site. This is important
 because you’re paid when users click your AdSense ads.

 Average cost-per-click (CPC): The CPCis the amount that advertisers pay
each time someone clicks one of their ads. This number varies widely and is
dependent upon the cost of the keyword to which an ad is related. For you,
 as an AdSense publisher, the CPC is the basis for how much you’re paid.

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