seo for small business

Use your keywords: Including your keywords in your advertisements can increase the
efficiency of those ads. Additionally, if you’re using the keywords that you’ve selected,
then your ads are likely to appear in conjunction with related topics, making it easier
for you to entice traffic.
Qualify your traffic: Creating an advertisement that people will click on is not enough.
You must create an ad the right people will click on. Not all traffic is equal. Even people
who search with the same phrase might have different needs. One purpose of your ad is
to appeal to your target audience, while signaling to anyone else that your business would
not be a good fit for their differing needs.
List features and benefits: In your ad description, include at least one feature and benefit
for the product or services that you’re advertising with the PPC program. Generally,
you have very little space in which to include a description, so choose the words that you
plan to use very carefully.
Use a call to action: Too often, advertisements are created without including a call to action.
However, studies show that including a call to action will increase your conversion rates,
whereas ads that do not contain a call to action tend to perform less efficiently and effectively
than those that include it.
Stand out: Many PPC advertisers in the same areas will have very similar PPC advertisements.
If you can create ads that stand out from these other, more generic ads, you have
a much better chance of having an effective PPC program. It will be worth your time to
spend some planning hours creating an ad that helps you stand out from the crowd. That
extra effort will be well worth the results.