Search Engine Marketing Metrics

Search metrics help marketers improve website PR campaigns and conversion rate
optimization (CRO) efforts. By tracking your progress over time or against the competition,
you can optimize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. By running
controlled experiments to compare alternatives, you can quickly determine higher
return strategies. The type of analytics software that you choose to use is less important
than which metrics you choose to measure.

Search Marketing Strategy
Search marketing is all about strategy. It’s thinking about moves, trying them out,
measuring, making predictions, testing, and going back and trying them over and
over again until you find what works for your site.
Let’s face it. The mechanics of setting up PPC campaigns and site submission can be
successfully taught to relatively inexperienced personnel. The true work in search
marketing is in developing theory and testing it with enough statistical power, by
which we mean validity, to realize significant change. Web analytics information can
tell marketers the language and specific word combinations that are most frequently
used on a per-page basis within their sites. That information is the key to making
good decisions on where and at what level to expend financial resources for the benefit
of the company.

Optimal paths
Think of your website as a digital informational organism composed of smaller subordinate
organs or pages. The relationship between a page and its purpose is directly
correlated to its value . Everymajor goal for a site has an optimal path for navigation from the
home page and popular,or valued, landing pages. The notion of a page within an optimal path is where
measurement should begin, but this is the most common omission made by analysts.