Twitter Bot

Twitter Bot that allows you to auto follow target twitter users, send
 out tweets automatically. Great for auto twitter retweet. Twitter Cards
 offer a fast and easy way to grow your user base for mobile apps.
 Simply add some new markup to your pages: when users tweet
 links to your domain.twitter account maker you can use Your own
domain, then install catchall on it: Make 1 email called catchall with
 a password, then go to Default Email adress.
Twitter Bots - ranging from auto reply bots and announcement
bots, all tested and working nicely.
Twitter bots are, essentially, computer programs that tweet of their
 own accord. While people access Twitter through its Web site
and other clients, bots connect.If you have a Twitter account, the
chances are that you have fewer than 50 followers and that you
 follow fewer than 50 people yourself. Twitter followers with links
 to diet sites, specious videos, or links to "pics"? You're not alone.
 From the slew of sketchy Direct Messages.
Twitter tools for seo techniques