Key of Seo Success

You actually need people
to visit your website unless you’re some sort of a weirdo who
 only gets excited about showing up on
Google page 1 for its own sake.
I’d like you to indulge me by participating in an experiment .
1.  Search on something that matters to you.   Maybe a hobby,
a band, a place you want to move to, whatever.
2.  When you get to the SERP, click on the entry that you think best
 matches what you’re looking for.
3.  Come back here when you’re done.
What was your experience like?  More specifically, what did you click
 on?  Why did you click on it?If you’re like me there’s a good
chance you did not just click on any old random entry.  You probably
did a quick evaluation based on what the entry looked like.

Forget about writing your content around “keywords”
  Instead, determine the theme that contains the keywords that
 are important to you and write for that theme, not those
 keywords subtle but important difference.

  Think like a human and write like a human.  Google and the
 rest are catching up to you, and if you write good content
 for humans it will pay off down the road.

After you write content, read it.  Out loud.  A couple of times.
 If it sounds awkward to you, it probably will to Google as well.
 Revise it .

Increasingly SEO is about creating content that is high quality.
 I advise you to create content that is themed according to your
 target keywords, but which is also engaging to human visitors.
  An important point of creating that interest is photography.
 So it’s only natural that we would be tempted to snag photos
 from a Google or Bing image search.  At the same time, when quality photos
can be purchased very cheaply, so the temptation is pretty minimal.

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