AdSense-getting Targeted Traffic

Getting Targeted Traffic by building pages
that please the Search Engines and
rank highly on a search results page.
 The higher the ranking, the easier it is for
interested and targeted traffic to find you.
More traffic means more potential
sales, which means more potential
commissions for you.

Traffic-building, no matter how you cut
 it, will cost you... in terms of both time and
money. Spending dollars is optional,
 but spending time is not.

There are many ways, both offline and on,
 to drive targeted traffic to your
merchants’ sites. This course will show
you the most highly profitable,
time-and dollar-effective way to build
traffic to your merchants' sites...
Build your own Theme-Based Content Site
one that is loaded with high infovalue
Keyword-Focused Content Pages that
 rank well with the Search Engines
and that get the “click throughs” to your
merchants’ sites.

Rank well at the Search Engines so that it
 pulls in lots of targeted traffic. So
far, though, that traffic is still on yoursite.
 Therefore, it’s not generating income

Get those visitors to click through to
 your merchants.Some affiliate
program models can actually place merchant
offerings on yourWeb site. In this
case, your traffic does not actually visit
your merchant’s site.

Your AdSense income is affected by many
different factors, including how much
advertisers are willing to pay for ads
 and how much Google decides to take
 for its trouble. As for factors that you,
 as an AdSense user, can actually affect,
site design, of all things, is probably the
 most important because the design of your
 site affects the way that search engines rank the
site in search results.
The higher your site ranks, the more traffic that hits
your Web site, which means potentially
more AdSense tips for income .

Traffic translates into page views, and page
views translate into clicks of your
AdSense ads. The more clicks you get,
the better your income. Naturally, you
want to do everything you can to increase
 traffic to your site. Search engine
optimization is your first step.

Image ads, like text ads, need to blend
 into the surrounding elements of your
page as much as possible. You don’t
want to make them invisible — if that’s
your goal, you might as well not put any
 ads on your site. If you can make
them appear as if they belong on your
page, your site visitors will be less
likely to shun them completely.

Video ads
Video ads are one of the newest additions
 to the AdSense family. Technically,
though, the ad is notthe video. Yes, videos
 are streamed for advertising
partners that have YouTube accounts,
 but the actual ads are displayed in the
video player that’s embedded in your