How much money can make with AdSense

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How much money can make with AdSense?$100-$100000

Unique visits:A visitor is considered uniquewhen she visits your Web
site the first time during a given period of time. Depending on the
metric— the measurement used to track visitors on your Web site —
that’s used, a visitor might be considered unique the first time he visits
your site in a 24-hour period, the first time in a week, or the first time
in an hour. For AdSense, the unique visits measurement is used to help
determine the click-thru rate for ads.

Click-thru rate-CTR is the number of people who click an ad and are
taken to the Web page designated for the advertisement. This page is
usually a larger, more colorful ad, the opening page of a Web site, or a
page that displays more information about the product or service featured in the ad.

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measurements which are highly
variable — you can estimate how much you could make based on some
hypothetical numbers. For example, assume that your Web site gets 1,000
unique visits per day and that the average value of the ads that are displayed
on your site each day is $.25 per click that’s the CPC. Finally, assume that
about 2 percent of your 1,000 visitors click through the ads on your site each
day. Now, you have numbers that you can work with.

With those hypothetical numbers in place, you can use this equation to
 estimate how much you might make from your AdSense ads on a given day:
(unique visits x average CTR)average CPC = potential revenue
(1,000 x .02)$.25 = $5.00

 it’s possible that the ads that show on your site might
 have nothing at all to do with the content of the site. Here’s why: If your site content
isn’t very focused, the algorithm gets confused and isn’t sure which ads are
appropriate. So, it makes its best guess, which may or may not be correct.

If you’re going to use AdSense, you most definitely want to have some kind of

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Web site analytics program. A Web site analytics programtracks the number
of visitors to your site and some of their behaviors while they’re on your site.
You can use a program like AWStats or ClickTracks, but those programs are
nowhere near as easy to use as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is free, and it integrates with AdWords and AdSense, so it
makes it easy to track your efforts in those programs. You may also want a
program that’s easy to understand and use.

You need to know one more detail before you
even start to set up your AdSense account.
Many people set up AdSense strictly to build
Web pages with the singular purpose of enticing users
to click the ads. You’ve seen these pages on the Web.

Site content
Google’s requirements for site content are basic: no violent content, no adult
content, nothing related to gambling, and nothing associated with any type of
illegal activities. But that’s not all. Google also frowns on Web sites that are
related to anything that could be construed as controversial — tobacco,
alcohol, prescription drugs, and weaponry of any kind. Google stops just short of
disallowing ads on political pages, though that might not be a bad idea.

Ad placement
In case there was any doubt, Google set up guidelines for how and where ad
units can be placed on your site. The policy document lists the particulars,
but it’s safe to say that Google wants ads tastefully displayed and in context.
Google also doesn’t want visitors overwhelmed by the number of ads on a
page, so, you’ll also find guidelines for how many ad blocks of each type you
can have on any given Web page.

If the traffic flow to your site is already established, testing each
 ad will probably only take about a week. Put up an ad, watch
the numbers for a week, and then try something different for
another week. After you test several different configurations, you
can tell what works well, what works great, and what
doesn’t work at all. Remember though, the effectiveness of your ads could
change over time and with changes to your site, so testing will likely be a
constant process.
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  • A page is very popular. Think about why that might be the case. 
    Was your article especially well-written? Was your information
     hitting on a recent trend? Were you offering a great product?
     Knowing the reason for this might inspire some changes on 
    the page, or give you ideas for new material elsewhere on your site.
  • A specific search query results in a lot of people finding your site
     via Google. Take a look at the keywords people enter, and check 
    out what page they land on when coming from Google—and think 
    about the first impression you're making on them. As the saying goes
    , your visitors spend 99% of their time on sites other than yours.
     Maybe it's time to emphasize a link, or add an introductory blurb
     somewhere on the side.
  • Your home page got heavy traffic yesterday. Check the referrer statistics to find out who linked to you, and track the source of the traffic to find commentary and feedback about your site. React to the feedback, if needed.
  • Your home page got heavy traffic yesterday, but you don't see a spike from any specific referring site. Perhaps your home page address received a mention in a radio or TV show!
  • People spend mere seconds on most pages, but a full minute on one other page. Compare the pages in question to find out why there's such a big time difference. Also, use your server log to trace the path they took through your site, retracing your visitors' steps.
  • Your server was sluggish on Monday and you'd like to know why. Check your stats to look for a peak. Maybe there's a server script with suboptimal performance that needs rewriting?
  • Many people filling out your order form suddenly leave at form page 2 out of 3. Maybe there's something on page 2 they didn't expect, so check it out and fix it if needed.
  • What, traffic is dropping? Maybe it's time to take a break from checking stats, and get the word out again—by contacting webmasters, talking to readers or customers, getting involved with the community, or adding great content to your site.

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