AdSense Optimizing

AdSense Optimizing

 What’s considered a good CTR is a hard figure
to nail down. It’s against Google’s policies for
publishers to publicly discuss the results they
have with the AdSense program. So, despite
the fact that you may have seen discussions
about it on the Internet, you should avoid suit.
Still, it helps to have a general idea of what you
 can expect.

The thing to remember is that those numbers
are in no way official or accurate. They’re
whispers heard and accurate only to the specific cases
and circumstances in which they
actually happened. A wide variety of factors
can affect your CTR, from placement of the ads
and the amount of traffic on your Web site to
the mood of site visitors in a given day and the
colors of the ads themselves.

All these factors are variables that change
often. To further cloud the picture, fluctuations
in the popularity of certain keywords, changes
in the budgets of advertisers, and the ways in
which those advertisers choose to write their
ads have to be considered.

To some extent, your click-through-rate is
dependent upon the advertiser. If the advertiser
isn’t doing his homework and properly targeting his ads,
 your click-through-rates could be affected because the
 ads won’t appeal to your site visitors.

Keep in mind that whatever keywords you choose should
 be used intelligently on your Web page. If you include the
 keywords but don’t use them properly, you’ll do yourself
more harm than good by causing inappropriate ads to
appear or by causing Google to disqualify your site from the
AdSense program for not following proper Web design practices.

Video ads
Video ads are one of the newest additions to the AdSense family.
Technically, though, the ad is notthe video. Yes, videos are
streamed for advertising partners that have YouTube accounts,
 but the actual ads are displayed in the video player that’s
embedded in your content, not in the video itself.