AdSense optimized content-placement

AdSense optimized  placement basics

With the ad placement basics out of the way,
 it’s time to figure out how to convince the good
 folks at Google AdSense to place ads on your Web site
that have meaning to your site visitors.
Your ultimate goal by implementing AdSense is to
entice visitors to click or view the ads that appear on your
page. That only happens, though, if the ads are appealing to
 visitors. Having
the right content is the key to having the right ads.
The technology behind Google AdSense
 Web crawlers, spyders, and bots
diligently scouring the World Wide Web
 for info tries its best to determine
the content of your site, but it ain’t perfect.

if you have a thing for free association so that
 articles on any given page jump from one topic
 to another with no cohesion, AdSense will have
 a much harder time placing relevant ads on your page.

The most important principle behind SEO involves
making sure that you design your Web site so that it’s
 both useful and relevant to visitors. Site visitors will
come to your site either by conducting a search for
a specific topic or by directly typing your Web address
into the address bar of their browser.
If you design your Web site with the intent of
 providing something the visitor needs, search
 crawlers are more likely to classify your site
 properly. As an added bonus, you’ll probably
 also end up ranking higher in the search results.

the Google crawler knows
its stuff when it comes to pushing content-specific
ads to your site. It may not even be the content
that you’re worried about.